How to use indico

To edit the agenda login to indico, select your conference and add new session

Add presentations (in indico they call them: contributions) to session

Indico has some issues you should avoid to let us correctly synchronize indico with Conference4me system.

  • Don’t change the timezone of the event
  • Don’t add block to sessions. Use new session instead of session blocks
  • Session cannot start in one day and end in another. In such a case please add two or more separated sessions.
  • If you want to add breaks like “Coffee break”, “Lunch” etc. don’t add them as Break, but as normal Session (point 1.) with the name like “Coffee break” etc. Indico does not export blocks of type Break.
  • If you want to add Room name to session don’t do that when you create the session. It’s known issue in indico. The only way to add Room name to the session is to edit the session after it has been created. How to do it: