1. When will my conference app be ready?

In compliance with Terms of Service document and information that we sent before you sign an order, your conference will be ready in standard time of 1-2 weeks before the start date of your conference. We cannot give you the exact date due to a publication process of Mobile Stores that is independent from us.

Mobile Stores are separate companies and there may be a time difference of publication in iOS and Android platforms.

The mobile agenda may be ready earlier if you order Fast Track option.

2. When will I be able to edit my conference data?

In compliance with information that we sent along with access to Conference4me Organizer Panel, you may edit your conference data at any time, even during the conference. Updates via Conference4me Organizer Panel are visible in the app in 15 minutes.
Please remember to reload the app.

3. Can I test the app?

Of course! We prepared a few possibilities to test our app:

    We can prepare agenda of your conference visible inside Conference4me application for Android and iOS platforms. It is non-branded app version.
    If you want to see an example of non-branded app with all PRO features you can download our application here: https://conference4me.psnc.pl/download/. Please use there search engine on the list of all conferences and search for „Showcase Conference4me”.
    If you want to test only integration with your agenda CMS, we can prepare a demo for you.
    We can prepare also branded app versions for Android and iOS platforms. Branded apps have custom icon and name. Also when user starts branded app of your conference it starts immediately your conference data.
    If you want to see an example of branded app with all PRO features you can download our test application. It has also customized colors (violet main colour, dark blue as second colour, dark pink as accent colour).
    It is available here: Showcase Branded App. You can also use search engine in mobile store of your device. Please search for „Showcase Branded App”.
    Demo contains ONLY agenda to test how your Conference Management System content looks like in our app. Other tabs are empty. Demo is free of charge and enabled for 7days.
    If you’d like to test application for your particular conference before the date stated in point 2.When will I be able to edit my conference data?, please order Fast Track option. More details about Fast Track price and deadlines are available in Terms of Service.
4. Updating conference agenda during your event

If new updates of the agenda occur and you don’t see them in the app, then you need to reload the app:

 Android  iOS
  1. Relaunch the app
  2. Switch to another menu element and go back to “Agenda”
  1. Relaunch the app
  2. Switch to another menu element and go back to “Agenda”
  3. Select ‘…’ in the upper right corner of the app and click “Update”
5. How can I attach any document for participants to the app content?

If your documents are related directly to presentations than please use possibility of adding pdf attachment to your presentation via your Conference Management System.

In any other case please use our “Additional information” section, create there an entry with link to your external resource that contains this document.


Please see all PRO features inside our Showcase applications:
>>non-branded app<< please use there search engine on the list of all conferences and search for „Showcase Conference4me”.
>>branded app<< with customized colors (violet main color, dark blue as second color, dark pink as accent color)

1. What is Conference4me Organizer Panel?

Conference4me Organizer Panel is website-based service that enables you to insert all conference data and access additional features.

Organizer receives an access to his conference setup after confirming an order and providing basic materials (logo+access to agenda).

Via Conference4me Organizer Panel Organizer can insert any other data on your own at any time:

  • main conference description/welcome message
  • partners with logotypes
  • exhibitions
  • maps/plans with marked exhibitions images
  • Twitter data
  • other information (like Venue, Hotels, Transport, Accommodation, etc.)
  • link to your external resource with survey
2. What is ‘Participation Statistics’ feature?

We just simply count number of devices where participant anonymously added event to his/her MyAgenda. WIthout gathering any personal data you can estimate interest in event and size of assigned room.

3. What is ‘Rating and comment’ feature?
Rating to events (sessions and/or presentations)


Event to which user can vote

Star on the right starts voting


View to insert vote

Grade 1(low)-5(high)

Voted and a commented

Comment is additional feature

View after voting

Average note & number of votes



4. What is ‘Push notifications’ feature?

Push notifications let your application notify a user of new messages or events even when the user is not actively using your application.
On Android/iOS devices, when a device receives a push notification, your application’s icon and a message appear in the status bar/notification center. When the user taps the notification, they are sent to your application. In application’s menu you can find Inbox feature, where users will see full history of messages sent through the Conference4me Organizer Panel.

From Organizers point of view you should know that you sent notifications via Conference4me Organizer Panel.
From users point of view it’s important to not overwhelm them with the messages.

In practice you can use push notifications for example to inform users about the last minute room change or remind them about the conference dinner.

When Organizer sends notification participants it appears on the top bar of their device. After a while title of push notification will disappear and C4me icon will remain as a reminder of notification that wasn’t read. Slide down from the top bar to preview your notifications.
You will see the title and abbreviation of message body.

Slide down notification directly to see the full message.

If you tap it, the app will open  the “Inbox” view.



When Organizer sends notification participants it pops-up on top part of their device. Slide down from the top bar to preview your notification.



To see history of Push notifications go to main app menu element“Inbox”:

 Android  iOS
5. What is 'Live streaming' feature?

Organizer can add streaming link to a particular event. This streaming will be visible natively inside the app for supported formats, will launch external app (like Youtube) or open link to the external streaming website with included player.
This feature is now available for Conftool, Indico, EDAS and Softconf CMS and requires correct data provision.
For more details please see description for each CMS separately available here.

 Android  iOS
Sessions containing available streamings
are marked with  in Agenda view
in order to easily find session with
available live stream.
An example of embedded video streaming
for session.
Presentations containing available streamings
are marked with in Session details view
in order to easily find presentation with
available live stream.
An example of embedded video streaming
for presentation.

6. What is ‘Chat’ feature?

Participants can discuss on a particular event.



Select  from event quick menu.
Insert a nickname.
Chat about this event!
7. What is 'Notes' feature?

Participants can add personal notes to events.

 Android  iOS

Select  from event quick menu.


Add personal note to each event.
All notes are listed in “Notes” (main menu).



8. What is 'Clickable exhibition maps' feature?

Feature that shows particular exhibitor/stand localization on exhibition map.

Must have added via Conference4me Organizer Panel:

  • exhibitors list complimented with stands/booths
  • exhibition map image with marked exhibitors that corresponds to stands/booths data

Please check 3. How to find exhibitor on map? in CONTENT section of this FAQ.



9. What is 'Link to external surveys' feature?

You can add there a link to your external resource with survey.
Survey may be prepared with any tool of your choice!

 Android  iOS
See additional element in main app menu.
Clickable view that redirects to Organizer’s external resource.


10. What is 'Voting for the best exhibition' feature?

Your participant can add one anonymous vote for stand/booth.
Please also see 2. How to vote on best exhibitor/performance during your event?

11. What is "Business QR cards" support?

This feature may be added if you prepare individual QR codes for your conference participants.
These QR codes should be compatible with VCard3 format.
To ensure problem-free operation please ensure that participants environment is in good lighting and qr codes are printed in good quality.

 Android  iOS
See additional element in main app menu.
Choose button on the right to add a new entry.
An inbuild scanner will launch.
Point it directly at someone’s business card with QR code.
Interlocutors’ QR code will be automatically saved to
Conferenc4me application.


1. Where can I find Terms of Service?

Our Terms of Service are provided to Conference Organizer with the Order Form. The present version can also be found >>here<<.

2. What is Privacy Policy of Conference4me?

You can find the privacy policy of the Conference4me here

3. How to vote on best exhibitor/performance during your event?

Remember that you can vote once per exhibition/performance!
Usually voting is enabled only during conference time.

 Android  iOS
Open main menu of the app and select “EXHIBITION”
Go to your favourite stand/booth.
 Tap on the star next to the title of stand.
4. How to find exhibitor on map?

Applicable only if you ordered “exhibition list” and “clickable exhibition maps” features.

 Android  iOS
In main application view choose “Exhibition”
Proceed to one of stands/booths
See as miniature or “Tap the map to enlarge” Tap “Show on map”
On the map you should see a pin.

You can use pinch gesture to zoom in map

5. Which system versions does Conference4me app cover?
6. In what language will the app content be displayed?

Language of app design is English by default but if main device language is the one from supported languages list, than it shows all menu texts in this particular language.
Please remember that it does not “translate” content provided by Organizer.

Supported languages list:
English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Polish

GDPR & Cookies

By clicking Accept I agree to the privacy policy and I consent to the processing of my data for all the above-mentioned purposes in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).