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For the GCB 10th Anniversary Symposium 2016 with 230 presenting authors, we decided to «go green» and use the Conference4me mobile app for the first time, instead of a bulky abstract book of about 120 pages in A4 format.
This decision evolved to a complete success story in every respect—starting with the efficient and easy-to-perform transfer of all our data from the online platform to the mobile app, supported at all times by the very professional and fast-reacting Conference4me team, followed by flawless functionality on the day of the event—and to top all this, positive feedback throughout from all our participants.
Without any hesitation, I can therefore recommend the Conference4me mobile app to organizers of scientific conferences. Our own plan is to continue this very productive collaboration for our annual meetings in the years to come.
Gabrielle Favre

Administrator, Graduate School for Cellular and Biomedical Sciences (GCB), University of Bern, Switzerland

I would like to recommend Conference4me services for the mobile app. I found that the price was excellent and the reactivity also! The interface for the mobile app was very professional and overall I found this was an excellent investment!

Beatrice Pesquet-Popescu

Fellow IEEE, Head of the Multimedia Group, Télécom ParisTech/Institut Mines-Télécom

I am using for several years the Conference4me app both for a large European networking conference (TNC) and also for the large project meeting (GEANT). Beside that the app provides our participants with the relevant conference / meeting information, it is also very useful for us that the app displays several relevant other events from the internet research area together with our events. The collaboration with the Conference4me team is always very professional with fast reaction time to our requests. From last year, thanks to the flexibility and openness of the team we created together some additional features (integrated feedback…etc). It’s a pleasure to work together with Conference4Me

Gyöngyi Horváth

Conference Organiser, GÉANT Association

The simplest task in organizing our conference was using conference4me, it was a breeze to setup, super useful and came with passionate support

Dr Saqr Jr

Qassim university

We provided the Conference4me dedicated app to the attendees of ICME 2015. It was an easy to setup and well supported process. The app is clear, lightweight and downloads small amounts of data at each update, so it suits conferences where the wifi connection is unreliable

Giulio Coluccia

PhD, ICME 2015 Local Arrangements Chair, Politecnico di Torino – DET

This was the first time we had used Conference4me, it was found to be a great tool in allowing us to become a little more environmentally friendly for our conference (R&D Management Conference 2016) which involved over 300 academic and industry paper submissions which would otherwise have been printed in a rather large abstract book! It linked directly to our paper submission system Conftools and allowed the conference programme to also feed directly from there alongside links to the authors papers and bios. The team were highly responsive and helpful and the process of submitting the information was straightforward. I would especially recommend the application if using Conftools by way of a submission system – it worked seamlessly and the feedback from delegates was very positive

Holly Shaw

R&D Management Conference 2016

The Conference4Me app is highly appreciated by our participants and for us is a must for any event.

Sara Coelho

Communications Manager, EGI Foundation

Association for the psychoanalysis of Culture & Society ahs used Conference4me fro two years. It interfaces seamlessly with Conftool, our web based conference submission and management tool. It is incredibly user-friendly and it has allowed us to cease printing abstracts, at a considerable cost saving to our organization.  saving. The service is also very inexpensvie and the staff are extremely responsive. It has grealty enhanced the experience for our conference users.

Michael O'Loughlin Ph.D.

Co-Chair, Association for the Psychoanalysis of Culture & Society

We organized a 2500+ conference in Valencia, Spain. For the first time in the history of this conference we decided not to print any materials on paper and to rely exclusively on the conference app. Everything worked perfectly with the branded app option of conference4me. The staff was super friendly and answered immediately to the dozens of small requests and updates. Absolutely gorgeous service and for an extremely competitive price.

Rubén Ruiz

Full Professor of statistics and operations research, Universitat Politècnica de València

The Society for Historical Archaeology has used the Conference4Me app for both its 2017 and 2018 conferences, and our members love it. It’s easy to set up and easy to use. We’ll be using it for many years to come.

Karen Hutchison

Executive Director, Society for Historical Archaeology

For the first time we have been using the Conference4Me app for the World Education Leadership Symposium. We have decided to avoid print material and bring our symposium to a next level. The Conference4Me app was exactly what we needed. An electronic app, compatible with the conference tool ConfTool and easy to set up and to use. Our conference users were extremely positive and so was my team. A big thank you also to the Conference4Me support team. Everything went smooth and professional. For sure we will be using the app again for our next conference.

Daniela Corti Baumgartner

University of Teacher Education Zug

Thank you to the whole Conference4me team for its responsiveness and support. The system was easy to manage and very user-friendly. This was a great experience. 

Prof. Valérie Schafer

Program Chair of the 9th ToE Conference, University of Luxembourg

Conference4Me has been an incredible tool for planning my conference agenda, discussing and rating papers and getting feedback from delegates. For the most recent conference I am involved with, we are going completely paperless, using the Conference4Me App to also securely manage the proceedings

Ralph Etienne-Cummings

PhD, FIEEE Professor and Chairman, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

If you are intended to organize or participate in a conference, the Conference4me is the most useful tool that you can find for it! In your smartphone it is possible to carry with you the entire programme of the event, the list of presenters, the map of the event, list of sponsors, hotels, contacts and other useful information. It is also possible to manage your favorite presentations and to keep it updated

Alberto Vale

Ph.D. Researcher and member of the Local Organizing Committee, Instituto Superior Técnico

I discovered conference4me more than 3 years ago. It was a new option for us at the time. This year, I came back to you, because I knew how your team was reliable and efficient,  and I found your apps ready to use, with an extremely small amount of work from our side. It was a success again. Thanks for all.

Dr Francoise Muelhauser

Scientific Secretary for the 23rd Women in Nuclear annual conference

An easy-to-use app with many useful features for our attendees and us conference organizers. It’s great working with the Conference4me team.

Heike Walther

ISC Conference Program Coordinator

Using Conference4me mobile app we have added a new dimension to the Transport Research Arena (TRA) conference. It was very well accepted tool and was installed by more than 50% of our participants. Very useful and easy to use, highly recommended.

Prof. Adam Zofka

Deputy Chair, TRA2016 Program Committee, Road and Bridge Research Institute (IBDiM), Warsaw, Poland

Our experience with the App has been absolutely satisfactory after organizing a big multilingual conference in the University of Salamanca. I would like to specially mention the great technical support given by the Conference4Me stuff. Quite impressive!

José Adserias

Fundación General de la Universidad de Salamanca

The conference app was an invaluable tool for the participants in ICME-13, the largest congress on mathematics education. More than 80% of the participants downloaded the app and used it happily for their personal conference organization. Configuration and integration with ConfTool was ultra-easy with conference4me, and we will continue to use it for the next conferences for sure!

Ulrich Kortenkamp


Our conference was a larger one: +2.000 participants, incl. 1.300 Presenters, +230 Sessions. I was a little bit worried before – Can the app handle this data? 
What should I say…everthing went quick, smooth and professional. No problems at all with this user-friendly Tool! Kudos to the Conf4me-Team! Thank you so much!  See you to next DGS-Conference in 2018!
Stefanie Schmidt

38. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie 2016

For the “Electronics Goes Green 2016” we tried out Conference4Me in connection with Conftool
and could provide our participants with a tool that is uncomplicated in use and the perfect alternative to printed 
programs. Our participants were happy about the app and we are too – thank you to the Conference4Me-Team for 
your support!
Anne Edelmann

EGG 2016 Conference Office

When I was elected Vice President of the National Tax Association, I decided that we had to enter the 21st century and provide our members with a mobile app at our Annual Conference. I recommended we try Conference4Me and could not be happier with the experience. The conference was abuzz with people commenting on how much they liked the app and not one person had a problem using it. The success of the app was evident in our post-conference survey — over 95 percent of respondents were very happy with it. Thanks, Conference4Me, for improving our annual conference and making me look like a genius for choosing your product! And thanks for the outstanding technical support.

Rosanne Altshuler

Vice President, National Tax Association

We have been using Conference4Me apps for the IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory for several years now. The app is a perfect match for us: it focuses on the most important aspects of the conference: the technical program. It allows each attendee to put together its own personal schedule of talks. Besides, it contains a few infos about the conference itself (like maps etc.) and about all authors and session chairs (also by search and index). In short: simple and focused on exactly what we need. It’s easy to set up and easy to use. Being electronic the app can be kept up-to-date with latest changes in the program (in contrast to the printed booklet). And it does allow the organizers to send push-messages to all participants.

Stefan M. Moser

Publications Chair ISIT 2018, ETH Zürich, Switzerland & NCTU, Hsinchu, Taiwan

Conference4me helped the EGPA Annual Conference reach a new level. With 24 tracks featuring 450 presentations in 2,5 days, and many last-minute rescheduling, the provision of information to participants used to consume most human resources. Conference4me freed these resources for more value-added activities, providing updated information to all participants, and including useful additional functions. EGPA Conference can’t do without it anymore!
Steve Troupin


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