1. Request initial order

Fill in Order Form to quickly receive summary and evaluation of your request.

If you have any doubts about app features, please check FAQ.

2. Confirm initial order evaluation

We will send you an e-mail with summary of your initial order form.

Now we need confirmation of selected features list and price. We will wait for your message.

3. Sign all documents and make a payment

After receiving the confirmation, we will prepare all documents for you.
When you receive them, please read them and sign in indicated places. You will also receive information about deadlines and instructions of how to provide things required to start the app development:

  • payment
  • list of required materials

4. Provide required materials

Please send us collected materials before the deadline.
The list of required materials depends on the chosen package, but for sure we will need:

  • access to initial version of mobile agenda.
  • rectangled logo image

5. Gain access to Conference4me Organizer Panel

We will grant you an access to Conference4me Organizer Panel where you can modify your conference data at any time. This is also a signal, that we’ve started the development of mobile app for you.

If you ordered a branded app package, please remember that no changes in app design later than 21days before conference start date1 are included. Changes via Conference4me Organizer Panel are of course available at any time.

6. Receive an e-mail about completion of app development

Providing that you’ve sent all we needed in previous steps before the first deadline, we should inform you about successful app development:

  • 2 weeks before the conference for branded app package*
  • 1 week before the conference for other packages*
* If you order Fast Track option, deadlines are customized

7. Enjoy your conference!

Now it is a time to test the app and use it on your conference!

Let us know ASAP if some change requests appear to make it possible to discuss, evaluate and implement.

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