Gridka School 2012 started!

Today in Karlsruhe School started GridKa School 2012. Conference participants have access to mobile version of the GridKa agenda prepared by Conference4me. To download the latest version, simply:

  • download Conference4me with Google Play or iTunes Store,
  • find  “Gridka School 2012” conference, download it … and you’re done!

The International GridKa School is one of the leading summer schools for advanced computing techniques in Europe. The school provides a forum for scientists and technology leaders, experts and novices to facilitate knowledge sharing and information exchange. The target audience are different groups like grid and cloud newbies, advanced users as well as administrators, graduate and PhD students. GridKa School is hosted by Steinbuch Centre for Computing (SCC) of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). It is organized by KIT, the Swiss National Grid Initiative (SwiNG) and the HGF Alliance “Physics at the Terascale”.



Facing the Multicore-Challenge III with Conference4me support

Facing the Multicore-Challenge III (MC-12) participants will have access to the mobile version of conference agenda with a lot of useful information thanks Conference4me app. Choose your device and download app!

This conference is the 3rd in a series, starting in 2010 in Heidelberg at the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences (HAW) and 2011 at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the Engineering Mathematics and Computing Lab (EMCL). It aims to combine new aspects of multi-/manycore microprocessor technologies, parallel applications, numerical simulation, software development and tools. Contributions are welcome from all participating disciplines. Particular emphasis is placed on the support and advancement of young scientists.


Conference4me 1.5 for Android

Great news for Conference4me users on Android platform! We released a new version of app with an optimized conference management view. New design include:

  • grouping the conference by month,
  • search conferences by name, date or place,
  • in line with Android app design trends.
Also we fixed a few bugs from the previous version. The new version (1.5) is now available for download from the the Google Play.

Conference4me @ Quark Matter 2012

Quark Matter 2012 International Conference will take place in Washington from 13 to 18 August. For conference participants, Conference4me team has prepared a mobile version agenda containing schedule of sessions and contributions, venue maps, poster sessions and other useful info. Agenda can be downloaded from the list of available conference in Conference4me.

The Quark Matter series of conferences aims to reunite international specialists in the field of experimental and theoretical heavy ion physics.

This fundamental research consists of studying excited matter at the subatomic level to understand how the constituents dynamically arrange themselves to form ordinary matter, and to understand how this organization emerged from the primordial matter created by the Big Bang at the beginning of the universe.

The Quark Matter 2012 conference is the twenty-third edition of this prestigious series of international conferences organized approximately every 18 months since 1982. Recent instances of the conference have taken place in Shanghai, China (2006), Jaipur, India (2008), Knoxville, USA (2009). and Annecy, France (2011).


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