How to connect your conference with C4me?

  1. Conftool
  2. Indico
  3. OpenConf
  4. Softconf
  5. EDAS
  6. ePapers
  7. Paperplaza


In ConfTool go to Overview => Scheduling => Main Settings for Conference Session Overview to enable the interface for the Conference4me servers (see Image 1).

On this page you will find the details you have to send to the providers of Conference4me:

  1. The Conference4me ‘Interface Keyword’.
  2. The ‘Access URL’ (which will look similar to this sample “”).

Please send us both. These data will allow Conference4me to obtain the session information and the list of presenting authors in ConfTool Pro.

More details about an integration with ConfTool you can find here.

Indico 1.2+

Just give us the url with public id of your conference and … that is all!

The conference must be enabled publicly.

Here is a example link of conference in Indico system:
Public id is indicated by bold font.
If you are using our free Indico instance your id may look as following:

HOW TO USE INDICO TUTORIAL may be found here.

Openconf 5.0+

Export a XML program file and send it to us.
We import the conference schedule (sessions, presentations, etc.) from the XML file generated by EDAS. Please do not modify the file manually!


Send us the url to your conference Softconf instance. The schedule import is limited to only one endpoint. Please also follow these hints:
‘Date’ field format should be “EEEE, MMMM d, yyyy” in English
‘Time’ field format should be “HH:MM”
Every event id must exist and be unique.
Sessioncode, title, date, time cannot be empty!

If during agenda update in Softconf, fields: sessioncode or contribid will change its values then MyAgenda of each participant may be impacted.


Export a XML program file and send it to us.
We import the conference schedule (sessions, presentations, etc.) from the XML file generated by EDAS. Please do not modify the file manually!


Export a XML program file and send it to us.
We import the conference schedule (sessions, presentations, etc.) from the XML file generated by ePapers. Please do not modify the file manually!


Export a XML program file and send it to us.
We import the conference schedule (sessions, presentations, etc.) from the XML file generated by Paperplaza. Please do not modify the file manually!

At the end of the year Conference 4 Me lands on 5 continents!

Busy autumn season for Conference4Me app

  • LCN 2015, The 40th IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks  (26-29 October , Clearwater Beach, Florida, USA)
  • APCS 2015 (22-24 October, New Brunswick, NJ, USA ) 
  • BioCAS 2015, Biomedical Circuits and Systems Conference( 22-24 October, Atlanta, Georgia, USA )
  • FIE 2015, Frontiers in Education 2015 ( 21-24 October, El Paso, Texas )
  • ICT 2015, Innovate, Connect, Transform ( 20-22 October, Lisbon, Portugal )
  • ICALEPCS 2015, 15th International Conference on Accelerator and Large Experimental Physics Control Systems ( 17-23 October, Melbourne, Australia )
  • WRF 2015, World Resources Forum 2015 ( 11-14 October, Davos, Switzerland )
  • ISPCS 2015, ( 11-16 October, Beijing, China )   
  • CDS 2015, Ninth Biennial Meeting of the Cognitive Development Society ( 8-10 October, Columbus, Ohio, USA )
  • GOOD GOV 2015, The Good, The Bad and The Global, ( 6-8 October, Berlin, Germany )
  • MICCAI 2015, 18th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention ( 5-9 October, Munich, Germany )
  • WCEAM 2015, 10th World Congress on Engineering Asset Management ( 28-30 September, Tempere, Finland )
  • IROS 2015 – Gateway to the Era of Robots ( 28 September – 3 October,  Hamburg, Germany )
  • Globelics 2015, 13th Globelics International Conference ( 23-25 September, Havana, Cuba )  
  • WEEF 2015, ( 20-24 September, Florence, Italy )
  • EMNLP 2015, Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing ( 17-21 September, Lisbon, Portugal )
  • ICABME’15, ( 16-18 September, Hadat-Beirut, Lebanon )
  • IST 2015, 2015 IEEE International Conference on Imaging Systems and Techniques
    ( 16-18 September, Macau, China )
  • TPDL2015, 19th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries ( 14-18 September, Poznan, Poland )  
  • TFPP DGP, ( 14-16 September, )
  • FedCSIS 2015, The 2015 Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems ( 13-16 September, Lodz, Poland ) 
  • IBIC 2015, International Beam Instrumentation Conference ( 13-17 September, Melbourne, Australia)
  • DASC 2015, Digital Avionics Systems Conference ( 13-18 September,Prague, Czech Republic )
  • IFABS 2015 Oxford ConferenceInstitutions, Governance and Finance in Globally Connected Environment ( 12-13 September, Oxford, UK )
  • IGDD, ( 10-12 September , Luxemburg )                       
  • ETSG 2015, 17th Annual Conference ( 10-12 September, Paris, France )
  • AECIA 2015, Second International Afro-European Conference for Industrial Advancement ( 9-11 September, Villejuif, France )    
  • 25st GRETSI, ( 8-11 September , Lyon, France)
  • Compressors Conference 2015, 9th International conference on compressors and their systems ( 7-9 September, London, UK ) 
  • GridKa School 2015, ( 7-11 September, Karlruhe, Germany )
  • ECER 2015, Education and Transition. Contributions from Educational Research ( 7-11 September, Budapest, Hungary )
  • PPAM 2015, (6-9 September. Cracow, Poland )
  • Mensch&Computer 2015, ( 6-9 September, Stuttgart, Germany)    
  • EPDE 2015, 17th International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education ( 3-4 September, Loughborough, UK )
  • ParCo 2015,  ( 1-4 September, Edinburgh, UK)    


And “the Oscar goes to” … September !

We have worked  hard last fewykresw months and broke the record! 

Statistics shows that on September we got great result with Conference4Me App: we served twice more conferences and events then in June – our best month till now.

So, just to make you be well informed: we keep working and making our app better and better.

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